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Sensei Davis has been training in the martial arts for a majority of his life.  Through the course of his training, he has studied several different martial arts including shorinji ryu karate-do, kobudo, tai chi chuan, aikido, modern arnis, military arnis, and ju-jitsu, along with several different styles of yoga.  He places a strong emphasis on the fact that each discipline compliments the next, and has never limited his training to only one art.  Sensei Davis is a loyal student of Sensei Brian Ricci, current head of the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International.


Sensei Davis is the owner and head instructor of Dynamic Martial Arts.  He has completed several instructor certification programs which have been designed to enhance both teaching abilities and business management alike.  In his classes, he utilizes different methods of positive reinforcement, which make the lessons enjoyable for all!




Mrs. Davis is the Program Director at Dynamic Martial Arts.  She is often times the unsung hero of the day-to-day operations at the dojo.  She handles a majority of the office work at the school, ranging from planning important dojo activities to greeting each and every student with a warm smile.


In addition to being an amazing Program Director, Mrs. Davis is also a dedicated student in the arts of karate, kobudo and tai chi chuan.  She continues to keep an amazing balance between her work in the office and her impeccable perfect attendance on the mats!




Mr. Costandi received his white belt on June 19th, 2008 and has never looked back!  Mr. Costandi is patient and enthusiastic when working with students in class and is genuinely passionate about sharing his martial arts skill with others.  He has participated in numerous instructor certification programs under the guidance of Sensei Jon Davis.




Mr. McBride began his study of the martial arts in June of 2006, and has been a dedicated karate-ka ever since.  He is passionate about learning the arts of karate and kobudo alike, and can be seen training hard in his own classes throughout the week.  He is currently our dojo's senior-most Jr. Black Belt student!!  Additionally, Mr. McBride has completed several instructor certification programs under the guidance of Sensei Jon Davis.  Mr. McBride prides himself on his ability to guide students with a sense of patience and enthusiasm.




On August 28th, 2008 Mr. Karle earned his white belt in the art of karate, and since then he has been on a quest to become the best martial artist that he can be!  Mr. Karle has a natural enthusiasm that stems from his sincere and genuine interest in martial arts training.  He currently holds rank in the arts of karate, kobudo and tai chi.  In addition to maintaining a consistent class attendance record in each of these arts, Mr. Karle has also completed several instructor certification programs under the guidance and supervision of Sensei Jon Davis.  




Miss Dawson began her martial arts journey July 25th of 2006.  She brings a level of excitement and energy to her classes that is unparalleled.  Miss Dawson is a fantastic positive role model for our student body, and she continues to lead by example.  She has participated in several instructor certification programs under the guidance of Sensei Jon Davis.

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