Programs Offered

We specialize in the following:

Lil' Dragons Karate


Meant for ages 4.5 to 7.  This program teaches focus and basic coordination skills.  The emphasis of this program lies in:

  • Attention-span development
  • Coordination development
  • Respect & courtesy
  • The foundational qualities of cooperation & trust
  • Basic martial arts skills

Youth & Adult Karate


This program is meant for ages 7 and up.  Karate means "empty hand", and refers to a wide variety of martial arts styles based on strong stepping, striking, blocking, and kicking techniques.  Our main style is Shorinji-Ryu, a traditional Japanese martial art of karate.  Our program involves a wide variety of techniques, with an emphasis on practical fighting skills and traditional kata.


There are many benefits to karate training, including excellent aerobic and muscular conditioning, the acquisition of self-defense skills, and a solid grounding in the philosophy of budo (martial way). 





This program is meant for ages 14 and up.  Kobudo means "ancient martial way" and refers primarily to the traditional Okinawan weaponry arts.  Most of the traditional weapons used in our program were adapted from farm implements long ago.  Systems of defensive fighting techniques and several kata were devised for each weapon, and are taught at our school.  Kobudo is an art that is excellent for body control and conditioning and can serve as a wonderful supplement to any martial art.


Previous martial art training experience is required for this program.

Tai Chi Chuan


Meant specifically for adults.  Tai Chi Chuan means "grand ultimate fist" and is an internal martial art of China.  It is a slow, meditative art form that is often practiced outdoors by large groups of people.  Tai Chi is a combination of gentle exercise movements and visualization that together have a profound impact on mental, physical, and emotional health.  It is often used as therapy for chronic pain and limited mobility, and has been proven to relieve stress and hypertension.

Homonji Iaido

Japanese Swordsmanship Classes

Homonji Iaido is a practice based on techniques from the Koryu (old style) Japanese Sword Art Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu. Our focus is on gaining balance, mindfulness, discipline and harmony in our lives. We take a holistic approach to understanding Japanese Sword Arts. Through the study of various approaches, our students gain a well rounded education and practice. Our six areas of focus include: Focus exercises (actice practice, both solo and with partner), Kumitachi (paired kata forms), Kata practice (traditional forms), Randori (freestyle sparring with partner), Mindfulness practice (slow, controlled solo forms) and Mokusou (short meditation to clear the mind).


This program is meant for individuals age 14 and up with previous martial art experience. We use bokuto (wooden sword), shinai (bamboo sword) and Iaito (safe practice sword) and safety equipment while sparring. Shinken (live blades) are never allowed in classes (unless for special occassions, such as test cutting). 

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